An Affordable Consumer Solution

We now offer a professional-grade consumer solution for individual customers. ENZO-TSC is a native application that allows anyone to trade with our system. TSC is a proprietary client that connects directly to our private network. Trade signals are generated by our model and sent in real-time to clients. Unlike other consumer solutions, our system is completely automated, only requiring a one-time setup from the user.

For more details, see the ENZO-TSC page.

Our continuous-build infrastructure periodically gathers market data and utilizes such data for regression testing. Regression testing automatically keeps track of the performance of existing algorithms and allows us to decide if some models should be revised.

We utilize both analytical and machine learning approaches to automatically select the most suited algorithms and their relative parameters for any given market.

The run-time is built in modern C++ from the ground up. C++ allows us to leverage maximum performance where necessary, expanding the range of possible techniques to be used, including the most demanding number crunching approaches, as well as reducing latency in connectivity with the exchanges. All of our calculation-heavy code is multi-threaded and it automatically adapts to utilize the available CPU cores of the hardware it runs on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of profits do you estimate?
Profit can vary greatly depending on market movement and risk management strategies. Please, see the ENZO-TSC product page for a sample of projected performance.
What is special about your system?
Our system is built on top of a strong R&D effort. We utilize various techniques of machine learning and we develop custom indicators with predictive capabilities that are not available elsewhere. Ultimately, the true difference of a trading system comes from the team behind it. There is no fixed final solution to make a profit in the markets, for this reason it is important to have an active team capable to adapt and react to ever-changing markets.
What about other commercial and free bots for crypto?
Existing bots available for cryptocurrency are execution tools built to simply assist a human trader.
A simple bot requires the user to periodically analyze the market, choose and configure a strategy that he or she thinks may be a winning one.
Our system instead is the reflection of the strategies that we develop and improve through extensive research and testing. Additionally, we implement machine learning techniques to both create new algorithms and adapt those algorithms in real-time by constantly analyzing the market as it goes.

The Team

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Davide Pasca


Run-time and quantitative modeling.

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Backend and design.

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Pascal Hideki Hamonic


Investor relations.